Cecília Dalcanale

Cecília Marques Dalcanale started in the arts after the loss of her mother in 1998.

She is the daughter of an artist who claimed to be only painter of porcelain, but left more than 200 works, including porcelains, paintings, ceramic glazings among others and used to make portraits of the closest friends and family as no one else.

As a consolation to her father, the three sisters, Cecília, Marilia and Jussara decided to meet once a week in Jussara`s psychology clinic, and thus Cecília discovered the pleasure of sculpting, as the sisters continued with meetings of Art Therapy even after their father’s death.

Cecilia joined the Pró-Criar, group of the artist Elizabeth Titton. Also did drawing course with Paulo Bastos Dias, woodcut course with Juliano DeBarros, and fusing course with Elvo Benito Damo and Maria Helena Saparolli.

Has works in public collections and with collectors from Paraná, Santa Catarina and France.


"In these works, the removal from the whole is the procedure utilized.
It`s the extroversion revealing the introversion."


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